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Charged with "DUI / Impaired Driving / Over 80 mgs."?
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There is a lot at risk. If you are convicted, you lose:
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  • your reputation with a criminal record
  • your licence for at least 1 year
  • your money - over $17,000
  • your ability to travel
  • your employment perhaps


The good news is there is hope. You can win with the right defence.

Contact me to set up a free, confidential interview to assess the strength of your defence. We can have this interview by telephone or in person -- your choice.

With my help you get unique advantages:
  • You get direct knowledge and experience. I am committed to the defence of only DUI / Impaired Driving related cases. On the other hand, most other criminal lawyers generalize and do all criminal cases

  • You get the aggressive Complete Impaired Driving Defence which gives you 387 ways to win

  • You get a proven record of success. See recent successes

Other benefits to you include:

  • Fast, responsive service that listens to your needs and gives you all your options
  • Don't go to court or miss work. I can appear in court on your behalf before trial when you sign a "Designation of Counsel" form
  • Fair 3-step pricing. Flat fee prices quoted in advance, in writing

Please see 4 things you can do right now to win and set up a free, confidential appointment right now.

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What ever you do, make sure your lawyer has certification in the operation of the very machine police used to charge you - the Intoxilyzer®.

With this certification, your lawyer can identify important issues concerning the proper operation and functioning of the Intoxilyzer® machine to enhance your defence and increase your chances of winning your case.

Whether your charge is "Drive Over 80 mgs." or "Refuse / Fail to Comply to provide Breath Sample," it is critical that your lawyer can answer certain key questions about your case, such as:
  • Does your Intoxilyzer® "Test Record" print out uncover any errors regarding the Subject Tests, Air Blank tests, Diagnostic tests, Simulator temperatures, or Calibration Checks?
  • Does your "Alcohol Influence Report" reveal any errors in the breath testing procedure?
  • Was the Intoxilyzer® machine in your case operated properly according to manufacturer specifications?
  • Following the manufacturer's specifications, was the Intoxilyzer® machine in your case properly functioning at all times? Was it also properly operated, calibrated, and maintained?
  • Did the Intoxilyzer® machine in your case capture two "suitable" breath samples as required by the Criminal Code?
  • Were the breath samples provided in your case contaminated in some way? Was there an interferent in your case which may have artificially inflated your Intoxilyzer® breath test readings?
  • Would an expert witness, such as a toxicologist, help your defence given the Intoxilyzer® procedure used in your case?

In fact, certification is important even if you want to challenge the accuracy of the breath test readings themselves, because the Criminal Code provides that you must raise evidence to demonstrate 3 points:
  1. that the breath testing device you used malfunctioned or it was improperly operated;
  2. that this malfunction or improper operation generated the material error (i.e., inflated the breath test readings); and,
  3. that your blood alcohol content would not have exceeded 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood at the time of the alleged offence.

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